"Since the early years of my life I, like most people have wanted a dog. My family worked 12 hours most days and our lifestyle was never compatible for one. I used to sit in my grandmas garden with my cousins Labrador every Sunday thinking it would be the coolest thing in the world to have my own.

Many years passed, and hours of begging came and went. After I moved over to secondary school and could take the bus home by myself, we finally had enough free time to welcome a new member to our family. I had to prove myself by taking 'Lesley' (my imaginary dog) for a walk for two weeks.

Late in 2012 we brought home our first family dog and called him Otto, the Weimaraner. 

I think of Otto as so much more than just the family pet, he's a best friend and a true member of the family with his very own unique personality and character. There's a hole without him. He accompanies me everywhere he's allowed and has done for the last 11 years, destroying the back of my car in the process.

  This company was created on the basis that dogs deserve far more than a standard traditional collar, as they have grown so much more into the family and should wear something special.

I know Otto won't be here forever and I'm extremely fortunate to of had him for so long, but for him to be able to leave a piece behind, something that's in every memory, every picture. That would be priceless.

His Core is that piece.


- James Dargan