How DARGAN DOG works

We're passionate about dogs and use a special system to create a stylish collar which will evolve to become a priceless sentimental possession.

In three simple steps our products become a gateway to something truly special for your four legged family.

1. Choose a pack.

First, choose a customisable dog pack to join our passionate family of dog owners all around the U.K. Each includes...

- Custom Sentinel collar 

- Sentinel lead

- Bespoke 3D printed CORE

- Stainless steel collection card standard, with Genesis being a little more subtle then our flagship Platinum.

2. The CORE

Every collar is centred around your dogs custom named CORE and it's our version of an ID tag. Designed to be with them for life and with you forever

- Durable for life.

- Connects to every collar size.

- QR code for editable dog details.

- Custom 3D name.

- Multiple materials to choose from.

The QR code details on the back can be edited as many times as you like ensuring the CORE's longevity.

3. Rotational collar system

Our R.C.S (Rotational collar system) ensures that your dogs CORE stays with them from pup to senior but allows you to rotate the collar design.
Our custom collars have a design to match any style or special occasion:
- Birthday
- Christmas
- Halloween
- Bonfire night
- Thanks giving
We have a bespoke collar that can match any occasion or style waiting for you.