Which dog breed is correct for you?

Bringing a dog into your life is a huge commitment and we believe should not be an overnight decision. Your life will change and you will most likely be financially worse off for it.
However, and this is a big one. It is probably the only legal way to buy a family member and will, if you choose correctly, be the best money you have ever or will ever spend.
We have created list of different dog breeds and their traditional characteristics which will help when choosing what breed suits you and your family best.

A simple and quick guide



Labs are great dogs for first timers and probably the benchmark dog for most family's around Britain. They are a great low maintenance breed and chances are you know someone who has/ had one at some point to help give you tips along the way. Just ensure your food is locked away safely, as it wont be there when you get back if it's not.
Average life expectancy  12
Average daily exercise  30 minutes minimum
Size  Medium
Type of lifestyle  New family - New dog owner - Active lifestyle - working
Good to know  Hide your food - very friendly - Excessive shedding - Well known breed - Low maintenance

Golden Retriever

A golden retriever hits nearly every point there is to hit when it comes to a dog coming into your family. They are friendly, easy to train and a great with children. Be prepared for long hairs around the house and car and a fun character.
Average life expectancy  10 - 12
Average daily exercise   90 minutes
Size  Medium - Large
Type of lifestyle  New family - New to dog ownership - Active lifestyle - Perfect for dog lovers
Good to know  Excessive shedding - Friendly -  family orientated -  Playful - Require grooming - Mischievous - low health problems


Shi Tzus

 A small dog but large heart, They love to cuddle and require minimal exercise. Great dogs for new owners and they make a great companion, especially for the elderly. Shi Tzus do require extensive grooming attention and you should get ready for fur-magedon as they are known to be big shedders.
Average life expectancy  12 - 16
Average daily exercise time  20 minutes
Size  Small
Type of lifestyle  Relaxed - Slow pace - Home based
Good to know  Great for the elderly - Grooming - Difficult to house train - can be stubborn - Lots of fur


Although grooming can be a large part of poodle ownership they are great dogs for people that do not want to be cleaning up dog hair all day. Poodles do require more mental stimulation compared to other dogs but if you are looking for a breed that stands out from the rest then a perfectly groomed poodle will be perfect.
Average life expectancy   10 - 16
Average daily exercise time  30 minutes
Size  Large
Type of lifestyle   Elderly - Family - Traveller - low maintenance
Good to know  Require grooming - Hypoallergenic - Low shedding - Requires mental stimulation 


Beagles are a great looking, smart, energetic and friendly dog which are great family companions. Although they are prone to hip, eye and thyroid problems and do require companionship.

Average life expectancy

 12 - 15
Average daily exercise time  2 hours (Adult)
Size Small
Type of lifestyle Active life style - Family Friendly - Companionship
Good to know Great with family's - Cuddles - Can be noisy as puppies - Can develop eye, hip, thyroid problems, Smart, Loyal, Lots of walking

French Bulldog

French bull dogs are a great apartment dog due to their small stature and low amount of shedding. They are great cuddle buddies and an tolerate cold weather well. Unfortunately health problems are a main problem in Bull dog life due to their deliberately bred structural deformities. 
Average life expectancy  10 - 12
Average daily exercise time  30 minutes
Size  Small
Type of lifestyle  New dog owner - Family based
Good to know  Health problems - Slobbering - Very loving - Easy to groom - Good for new owners



I may be slightly biased with this breed as my first dog is a Weimaraner but despite the tough spelling of the name, I have had a great experience.  A loving and good looking breed they are great for family's with active lives and have a wonderful character.  They do have a tendency to grow fatty lumps as they age which may need removing. Separation anxiety is known to be present with the breed as well.


Average life expectancy  10 -14
Average daily exercise time  50 minutes
Size  Large
Type of lifestyle  Family - Social - Active - New dog owner
Good to know  Light shedder - no grooming - Active lifestyle capable - Separation anxiety - Strong willed - Great character 

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