25 helpful tips and facts for new puppy owners.


We have gathered together 25 helpful tips and facts about puppy's for new owners to help you understand and better assess what it is going to take to bring that special dog into your life.


1. They're called man's best friend for a reason. Its not unusual for them to want to be around you a lot of the time.

2. Puppies are born blind and deaf and don't gain these attributes until they are around 10 days old.

3. Puppies will quite easily spend 12 hours a day sleeping.

4. 9 week old puppies are in prime time for socializing and its important for them to do so.

5. Got a Labrador puppy? They love eating things they shouldn't. (more than other breeds)

6. Baby talk is not wasted on puppy's as much as you think it isn't worth trying. They respond to it more than adult dogs.

7. Make sure you have a fair amount of space for your puppy to play as they will need somewhere to use that energy.

8. Make sure to do a sweep of your house before you bring home your puppy for anything harmful or poisonous that could pose a risk to them.

9. Make sure to leave them alone for short periods of time so they can begin to get used to life without you from an early age.

10. Puppy classes and dog trainers can be a great way to keep your dog under control from the beginning and pick up great habits from better trained dogs.

11. Make sure you have got all of your vaccinations in place.

12. If you are purchasing a dog or puppy from another home for you, ensure they have a blanket or bed that they are familiar with which can calm them in new surroundings.

13. Reward puppies for good toilet practise rather then punishing them for bad. 

14. Start working on basic obedience training as soon as they get home. This includes commands like sit and stay. They may not get it soon but laying the foundations is key.

15. Teach your puppy which toys to chew rather then what chair or shoe not to chew as there will be a lot of chewing going on. Keeping them with a specific toy to chew will help.

16. Crate training is a great way to help your dog feel safe in their surroundings wherever they go. If they sleep in their crate at home they will know it is safe. This allows them to feel safe when the crate moves (E.G to Grandmas) even though they do not know their new surroundings.

17. A puppies adult teeth should be present by the time they are 6 months old.

18. The hiccups are nothing to be alarmed by as this is normal for them to get.

19. Husky and German Shepard puppies like to talk (mainly howling) to communicate.

20. Dalmatian puppies are born without spots.

21. Your puppy's first night will most likely not be a quiet one, be ready for this.

22. Make sure to train your puppy from an early age to walk on a lead as this is not as simple as you may think, especially with bigger dog breeds.

23. A puppy with big paws usually means they will become a big dog.

24. A puppy should be fed puppy food until they are one year old as that is when they become an adult.

25. A good checklist to have for your first night:

- Crate

- Dog bed

- Blanket/ towel

- Food

- Water

- Chew toy

- Poo bags

- Lots of paper towel

- A strong will to not check on them every 5 minutes.


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