10 best ways to keep your dog cool

Here's a list of the best ways to keep your dog cool through the summer as temperatures continue to rise.

One of the most important responsibility of dog ownership that is easily neglected is keeping your dog cool and safe during the hotter weather. You may feel that because you are not over heating, they wont be either. However, that is a rather dangerous concept to have, especially if your dog is a short nosed breed. We have gathered 10 ways that we think are best to keep your dog cool through the summer.

- Water

The simplest is always the best and simply having cold water on hand at all times for your dog is an absolute must. Leave it up to them as to when they have it and don't force them to drink but as long as they know it is there then that will greatly help.

- Never leave them in a car

Although something that you hear often said, Never leave them in the car is one of the most underrated pieces of advice to help your dog through the summer. A closed up car or even one with the windows slightly open can heat up much quicker then you could ever think when the sun light hits directly. Even popping into the shops for 10 minutes is too long and if you know that you are going to run some errands, ensure that your dog is not coming along.

- Plan the times you take them out

Waking up a little earlier to go for their walk is a great way to take your dog out when its cooler in the day. It will only get hotter and usually stays warmer in the evening then in the early morning. You should try to avoid midday and early afternoon to take them out as this is when the ground will be at its hottest and the risk of heatstroke becomes more prevalent.

- Special cooled treats

There are geniuses around on this planet and some of them have come together to create treats that are meant to be left in the freezer or fridge and are especially designed to cool dogs down during the day. It seems so obvious, and yet I would have never thought of this and they work very well on the hottest of days.

- Swimming

Something as easy as taking your dog to a lake or river for them to go swimming can be a great way to keep them cool. They will then be damp, which will help them control their temperature for the rest of their walk as well. You must be careful of cold water shock however, as this can effect dogs and should be looked out for. It mainly effects dogs which jump straight into the water and to be avoided you should gradually introduce your dog to the water so their body has a chance to climatize to the new temperature.

- Playing with the water hose

Keeping them busy in the garden with a hose pipe is often one of the easiest ways to both keep them occupied as well as cool. This tip will not work for everyone but for those fortunate to have a garden space with a hose pipe, they should try it out. 

- Freeze their toys

Carrying on from frozen and cooled treats is the idea that you should also freeze their toys as well. Most dogs have a number of toys and if you don't mind them getting slightly damp then you should put them in a bag in the freezer (to avoid contamination) and then when the day is at its hottest, let your dog chew and cuddle with them which will help them stay cool. You can even freeze a few toys to switch them out through the day.

- Damp towels

If you take a towel that you don't mind getting dirty, rinse it with a hose pipe and lay it on the floor, on a hot day 9/10 dogs will go and lay on it. It is a very simple, easy and efficient way to help them cool down and when eventually the towel dries up, just repeat.

- Keep the curtains closed

As temperatures rise, people are finding more and more ways to keep their homes cooler throughout the day. One of the best ways that people have started using recently is closing all of the curtains in the house. On first hand experience I can say this works wonders, especially if you have thick curtains. It can feel like you have a A/C on which is great for dogs which are left at home throughout the day.

- Shade

The obvious is often the best and just allowing them shade when outside is often a simple and effective way to keep their temperatures down. You must be mindful when on walks and if you stop for food that they also have some where that is in the shade to lay down, as it can be easy to forget.


- Heat stroke can kill -

We thought it would be helpful to include the signs of heatstroke in this list just so you know the symptoms and can be better prepared if it happens to your dog.

- Extreme panting
- restlessness
- vomiting
- excessive salivation
- Weakness
- Staggering
- Gasping


If your dog is showing the signs then you must see a vet immediately.

If you think they are not in a serious condition but look to be getting that way then try cool water and a damp towel to bring their temperature down. If it continues to rise then seek a vets help.


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